Leo and Sons has developed a track record of superior workmanship delivered within budget and on schedule.  We emphasize quality, safety and customer satisfaction


Our experience in pipeline and oil field construction includes:



-Construction, Design and Fabrication

-Hot Tapping

-Right of Way Construction and Maintaining

-Reseeding Right of Way


-Hydrostatic Testing

-Polypipe Line Construction, Design and Fabrication

-Screwed Pipe Construction, Design and Fabrication

-Plan Facility Construction


Field Services:

-Roustabout Crews

-Backhoes and Dump Trucks

-Crane Services

-Front End Loader and Forklift

-Oil Field Battery Construction

-Location Cleaning and Maintaining

-Ranch and Oil Field Road Construction and Maintaining

-Excavator (Trackhoe)


Other Services:

-Bolt Torque (Hydraulic Torque Machine)

-Abrasive Blasting (Sandblasting)

-Painting (Estimates and Facility Surveys)

-Non-Destructive Digging (Air Vacuum Truck)

-Land Clearing and Grubbing


If you are in need of a service not listed above or need a quote/consultation feel free to contact us at (432) 639-2729